SOLD 10/22

1962 Alfa Romeo
Giulietta Sprint Speciale

Bring a Trailer auction preview: Bertone's Curvaceous and Dynamic Giulietta Sprint Speciale. Solid, Benefitting from Long Term Dry Climate Ownership and Recent Sorting.

  • VINAR*177305*
  • Exterior ColorRed
  • Interior ColorBlack Leather
  • Mileage69821 Kilometers (TMU)
  • Engine1300 DOHC inline-four
  • Engine no.AR00120*01518*
  • Transmission5-speed manual
  • StatusSold
  • StockFJ2445


1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale
s/n AR*177305*, engine no. AR00120*01518
Red with Black Leather Interior

Among the most exotic and sensuous sports cars ever produced, the Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale (SS) set a new standard for design excellence; one that remains remarkable even today. Penned by one of Italy’s most prolific and talented designers, Franco Scaglione, the Bertone coachbuilt Sprint Speciale was the result of extensive aerodynamic studies during the development of the outrageous B.A.T. 5 and 7 show cars. As Scaglione approached the design of B.A.T. 9 with more viable production considerations, the Sprint Speciale evolved to become the halo car for the Alfa Romeo brand. Although these beautiful cars were built in series production, each one was handcrafted using coach building methods and bespoke materials suitable for top clientele; essentially being among the last of these coachbuilt cars constructed in this highly specialized manner. Although the first series cars were 750 powered, the later 1300 cc twin-cam engine coupled with the desirable twin Weber carburetors, 5 speed transmission, and three shoe front drum brakes made for a very impressive road car with excellent handling and exciting performance characteristics which is certainly a big reason why the SS continues to be selected by collectors and enthusiasts to participate in a variety of world class tours and premier automotive events.

Like so many of these fine sports cars this car has led an interesting life. Sold new to an Italian large equipment business owner living in Columbia, the car must have created quite a stir driving on the sprawling city streets of Bogota where the first owner lived and proudly drove this Alfa. A subsequent owner after the first is thought to have been related to Juan Pablo Montoya or a family member. In any case, the current consigning owners, also living in Columbia, have cherished this car for the past 25 years as part of a prominent collection of approximately 50 premier collector cars, stored in a climate controlled four-story parking facility in Bogota. The current owners report that the kilometers displayed on the car are original, confirmed further by Alfa-Romeo restoration experts who have studied the original gauges and confirm them to be original to the car. Recently, during the current consigning ownership, the car was freshened with a coat of paint and upholstery work performed to a high driver level presentation. The engine was formerly rebuilt by the owner’s in-house mechanic allowing the owner to participate in a few rallies and various other automotive driving events with the car.

In preparation for consignment, the car was delivered to Northern California where Alfa Romeo expert Conrad Stevenson, Berkeley, CA inspected and drove the car. In December 2020 Stevenson began work on the car work on the car including a new master cylinder seal, new front brake seals, new rear shoe linings, a new differential oil pan gasket, new transmission plug and copper o-rings, three new brake flex lines, a new brake fluid reservoir, OEM brown oil pressure line hose and Ferrells, and complete front wheel bearings and seals. The driver’s door was removed, and the limiting stop improved in order to prevent overswing and damage to the front fender. The carburetor bell crank was removed, reconfigured, and more securely remounted for smoother throttle operation. Work continued in January 2021 installing a new spark plug ignition wire set, a high output battery and new positive terminal cable, work on the ignition system, bell crank support for smoother linkage, and test for thermostat function.

In August 2021, the decision was made to remove the engine and check the entire rotation assembly. After inspection it was determined the best course of action was to rebuild the engine. The engine was fully disassembled, the head, pistons, cams, and crank removed, the block washed, valves and springs removed, and all parts inspected. A new crank with 20 under bearings was installed, new and correct Alfa head studs installed, the head machined with matching ports, GTA spring perches installed, Carrillo rods installed, and rods and pistons machined by Dan Marvin for correct pin length.

The engine was reassembled, correctly torqued, cam timing set, water pump rebuilt with new bearings and seal, and a new speedometer drive seal installed. Continuing to January 2022, the Weber carburetors were removed and rebuilt with new accelerator pumps, float levels set, and installed to the intake manifold with fuel resistant sealant. While the engine was being reassembled and parts detailed and refinished as needed, the gearbox was rebuilt as well. Early 101 Dentax type synchros were noted. The gears were removed and inspected and found to be a lightened close ratio original GTA type gear set. New drive shafts were rebuilt and balanced at JRL Machine. During installation, the front Y pipe collector was remade, and mufflers adjusted. The engine and gearbox were reinstalled and tested along with the rear end, rear suspension components, and multiple other detailed items carefully noted in the invoices for services performed by Conrad Stevenson Restorations totaling more than $37,000.00.

Today this rare and desirable Sprint Speciale exhibits very satisfying visual cosmetics with finishes that allow for pride and enjoyment without the fuss of trailered perfection. The Bertone coachwork is very dynamic in bright red, echoing the pride of Italian artistry and performance in the sinewy Scaglione curves. The paint has very good gloss and coverage and the panel fit is good overall, though there is paint damage in sections of the roof. The painted silver rims are accented with polished wheel covers which gives the car a fitting elegance. The bumpers, grille, and assorted chrome trim are in very good condition with good fit to the body panels. All glass, emblems, and exterior present as delightful jewelry enhancing the Bertone coachwork.

The interior is comfortable, relaxed, and honestly represents the long-term ownership and simplicity of this era. The leather seats are in very good condition, lightly enhanced by time and joyful use. The dashboard, steering wheel and original instruments are wonderful reminders that perfection can be found in a well-loved and gently used sports car. The delicate chrome knobs, switches, and trim convey Italian elegance that further punctuates the sporting interior. The tidy interior continues into the rear panel finishes, sun visors, and door pocket details. Typical of cars this age, the headliner shows areas of discoloration. Overall, the condition of the interior and leather surfaces is very honest and comforting. The trunk is finished with a proper rubber mat, a correctly mounted battery, the matching spare tire, and the filler cap for fuel.

Under the tastefully louvered factory alloy hood, the matching numbers original engine displays generally correct factory finishes, proper hardware, correct wiring, and factory hoses all of which have been correctly prepared by Conrad Stevenson. The correctly finished cast aluminum intake plenum is properly ducted, with correct satin black hose and correct gloss black air cleaner housing, which leads directly into originally specified twin Weber carburetors. The underside of the car is clean and tidy, showing generally good care, proper suspension, undamaged floor pans, uncompromised suspension and brake components, and solid gearbox and engine casings. There is no immediate evidence of significant structural compromise to the floor panels, frame, or major suspension mounts.
Pressing the push button door handle, the deeply sculpted door swings out and invites you into the car. Etched door sills featuring the Bertone inscription evoke the history of this amazing coachbuilt car. Ducking into the rounded roofline, once inside, even taller drivers and fortunate passengers sit comfortably in the leather seats. The car starts easily and idles smoothly as temps warm up ready for driving. The rebuilt engine and 5-speed synchromesh work in harmony, and the clutch takes up nicely. The driving experience is very rewarding particularly given the extensive drivetrain work performed by Alfa-Romeo expert Conrad Stevenson. The excellent visibility offered through the expansive glass, wonderful twin-cam sounds, and the natural feel of a well-kept and recently serviced car are very satisfying. Driving manners are enhanced by the combination of performance and visual dynamics, validated at the conclusion of every drive, exiting the car, stepping backwards, eyeing the curves while fielding questions from photo seeking onlookers. This Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale is accompanied by receipts for recent services from Conrad Stevenson.

Landmark design and twin-cam performance all come together in sublime harmony with this ready-to-enjoy 1962 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale. Historically significant as one of Alfa Romeo’s last handmade coach-built sports cars, this beautifully designed Franco Scaglione jewel is ready for enjoyable driving, local shows, or simply to admire as one of the finest pieces of automotive sculpture ever produced.

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